Dryer Top - Copy

Are You Looking For Extra REVENUE ???

Spokane Appliance Recycling

Is Buying Appliance Tops/Consoles!

* Minimal Time & No Extra Equipment Needed!

* Take Less Than 30 Seconds To Remove*HUGE ROI.

* Retain the Scrap Value of the Appliance!

* Average Weight of a Washer/Dryer Top is only 3lbs.

* Washers, Dryers, Dishwasher & Ranges!

*30 Seconds or less to remove typical washer & dryer tops.  Range & Dishwasher tops may take longer

range dishwasher top


*  Appliance Tops Must have AT LEAST 6″ of the wiring harness attached to console.  See below for details.

*  Consoles that are more than 75% circuit board based are not eligible for purchase.  See below for details.

*  A minimum of 5 Consoles are required before purchase.


Over 90% of all appliance tops can easily be removed with the following Tools.

Tools needed for Appliance Top removal

3 Easy Steps to Removing Tops 

Step 1:   Remove Screws.  Most Tops are held in place by 2 screws.  Typically they are found in the front, but can also be in the back.  Some models may have some trim covering the screws, which can be  popped off.

screw locations in the front of the appliance


Step 2:  If Required (Model Specific) Remove any retaining clips from the back of panel by      cutting off or unscrewing.

    Cutting Wiring Harness

Step 3:  Cut Wiring Harness.  Leave at least 6″ of harness.

Ranges:  For our purposes there are 2 types of ranges, modern digital ranges and older analog ranges.  We purchase both, but analog require a little more effort (but pay better).   Digital Range Tops are removed similar to washer and dryer tops as shown above.

Front of a Digital Range

Back of a digital Range

Front view of an analog range

Rear View of an analog range

Removing Analog Range Tops:

Analog Ranges have a copper lead that goes from the top, down into the oven.  This copper lead must be intact and come with the range top!

Accessing Copper lead from the back of an analog range

Locating the analog copper lead inside the range oven


Like Ranges, we divide Dishwashers into 2 groups, Digital and Analog.  We do not purchase Digital Dishwasher Tops, only analog tops.  As a basic rule of thumb, if the dishwasher has a dial to select the setting we will purchase it, if it is a touch pad, we will not.  Below are examples of each.

Analog Dishwasher with mechanical timerDigital Dishwasher top

What We Don’t Buy:

We have very few restrictions on appliance tops that we will not purchase!

We reserve the right to refuse tops that have excessive damage to switches.  Damage to the front or sides of the top is ok.

We also do not accept tops that are more than 75% circuit board based.  Below is an example of a range top that is completely circuit board based.  We would not purchase this top.

Dishwasher tops with Digital Components (see above)

Example of a range top we would not accept


Washer Tops                                             $5

Dryer Tops                                                $4

Analog Dishwasher Tops                       $4

Digital Range Tops                                  $4

Analog Range Tops                                  $6

Analog Range Tops w/o Copper Lead  $3

*Pricing is currant as of 7/17/2015

Questions & Purchasing:

For questions or for purchasing tops either fill out the form on the Contact US page or call up at 509-570-2612